Maksim Merk


Maksim Merk (born December 28, 2001) is a full-time Designer that has pursued his passion for the Design Industry, producing expert works on both the 2D and 3D levels of design, with a vast knowledge of all the widely used professional design software at his tool belt.

His immense drive, fueled by his unique vision, propelled his design skills to even higher levels. He succeeded by helping his family’s business grow in their market, standing out from local competitors in Australia. Maksim now wants to bring value to other businesses and help them separate themselves from their competition using a unique design language in their brand.


At an early age, Maksim ventured into traditional Art, sketching and illustrating beyond what his imagination was capable of seeing. The key factor that always played a role in his practice was the idea of problem-solving, always wanting to design differently with pure quality. During High School, his father introduced him to Product Design, creating product images and thumbnails for products on e-commerce websites and online stores like eBay.

At the time of 2016, he had no experience in Design, only wanting to pursue Visual Arts. He decided to take this profession as he saw similarities between the two disciplines which both focused on creativity and the visual imagination. Over three years, this experience made Maksim realise that Design was the absolute passion he wanted to pursue. Building the needed skills in Design over the years and seeing the positive impact his Design has had on the family’s business, he decided to pursue it full-time and further study it at the University of New South Wales. Maksim currently pursues personal projects on an expert level and continues to help his families business grow to this day.

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